Simply Live. How to live lightly in this complex world

  I once heard somebody say, “Live simply so you can simply live,” which I whole heartedly believe in. It's so hard in this complex day and age to keep it simple. It's why I try to make it an everyday intention. Otherwise I'd get swept up in FOMO and other people's agendas. We live in… Read more »

5 Signs you are out of Balance + How to get back on Track

Sometimes life starts spinning out of control and you start to feel like you’ve lost your balance. If you recognize any of these signs creeping into your life, take immediate action to regain control over your overall health and well-being, restoring balance and peace.   1. You have chronic exhaustion. You are burned out! You… Read more »

How to Break Fear Barriers and Get Unstuck

    Sometimes when things go wrong, fear takes over and we are unable to move forward. We get stuck anticipating the worst-case scenario. Mistakes and failures can drag us down unless we take action to move forward and break through the barriers of fear. Success takes discipline, resilience, and self-awareness.   Here are 7 ways… Read more »

How to get Rid of Negative Energy

Every now and then we come across some werid vibes –  your environment just doesn’t feel right. The vibe is off. It feels heavy and dark. Maybe you can’t put your finger on why, but being in your home, office, hotel room, or wherever gives you a bad feeling. Sometimes people bring bad vibes into our… Read more »

10 Tips to tackle your shame triggers on your path to success

The Entrepreneurial journey to success is often paved by one failure after another, rather than lots of success stories. All our little failures lead somewhere, mostly forward. That is my story. I have made a lot of mistakes, mistakes that made me feel so ashamed that I sometimes even didn't want to get out of bed… Read more »

Why Procrastination can be the KEY to your Success

Procrastination is bad, right? …or is it actually good? I think of procrastination as practicing the art of managing delay. It gets a bad rep, but I am convinced people mistake procrastination for self-sabotage—taking actions that intentionally hinder our progress—when procrastination is simply inaction. In fact, putting off decisions or actions in your daily life… Read more »

Leadership is a Mindset in action

Leadership is a form of social influence.  An inspired leader has the ability to translate their values into actions and engages a group of people to collectively move in the same direction. Personally, I think of leadership as a mindset in action, not a title given to you. Expertise alone does not automatically make you a… Read more »

The Art of being present & 10 ways to keep you there

  ”Being present” is a state of awareness in which we can practice unbiased and honest reflection. I aim to live wholeheartedly  – and this requires me to have the ability to not get lost in my thoughts. Learing the art of being present it gives you the ability to learn how to pause before taking action so you… Read more »

Stress got the best of me. Here is how I fixed it.

When I left the tech start-up world in 2010, I was already pretty burned out, yet had no real idea why that was the case. I wanted to start a business that aligned with my purpose while being healthy, happy, and highly productive ALL at the same time. Little did I know that being a… Read more »