Who I am

I am an growth expert at taking high-achievers to the next level of success. I am a growth coach and business mentor focusing on creating extraordinary leaders. I work at the intersection of personal development, and businesses growth. My work combines the art of ambition with whole-hearted living while leveraging wellness as the key to success. 

My approach is simple. I give you my undivided attention and well rounded expertise. My programs are not based on time they are based on progress to reach goals.

I have successfully worked with people like impact leaders Jesse Israel of the Big Quiet and Gesche Haas of Trailblazers Inc, as well as C-Level Executives from Google, Bridgewater, PWC, Deutsch, Hearst, Tom Shoes, and companies like The Bond Collective(US), Look at Media (RU)and Sapina Ltd (APAC). In addition to giving dynamic talks, I have taught workshops at Columbia University, WeWork (US & UK), Soho House and has been featured in Forbes, Inc., Brit & Co., AlleyWatch, House Beautiful and numerous other publications worldwide.

All my current clients are by referral only.

I get people to discover their greatness. I have been sitting in front of extraordinary clients since 2011.

As a global citizen I have lived and worked in more than seven countries, and speak both German and English. I split my time between the US, Europe, and Asia. 


I'm guessing you are here because you find yourself wanting more out of life and wondering what is next?


What you need to know about me



As a coach I'm deeply committed to doing this work myself everyday and know how hard it is to actually do it! I’m not only an expert in my field; I’m a product of the personal development space.


I’ve been disengaged with my life, without purpose, unfulfilled, and hungry for change. I found ways to create and be the change I wanted to see.


Perhaps, you feel like this as well and are no longer satisfied with where you are. Maybe you are in dire need of a career change, want to make more money, or are tired of playing small. Maybe you are ready to finally make the changes you’ve always secretly dreamt about.


Either way – I get it.


If creating change in your life was easy, everybody would simply do it. Too often, we get tripped up by exhaustion, find ourselves overextended and disorganized, and fall into old habits and unhealthy relationships.


My lifelong passion is to share my experiences of overcoming these challenges to take others to the next level of their success.



Why I think people tend to fail on their own



Sometimes, people don’t follow through. They hit the first stumbling block, the first obstacle, and they give in to frustration. It’s so easy to stick to the well-worn groove of routine rather than face the obstacles of change.


Sometimes, people aren’t prepared to succeed. They don’t have a social construct of friends, family, and colleagues to support their efforts. They haven’t developed habits of success, so they make excuses rather than find solutions.


Sometimes, people don’t realize how hard change is going to be. Their past successes lull them into complacency, and they think the same methods that got them where they are can take them to the next level.


Sometimes, people just aren’t willing to commit to discovering their true vision. They get involved in a variety of projects but never see anything through because they aren’t invested in what they’re doing. They keep taking half measures and look for the easy button.





Here is a vision for you



Most of us want to have more time to do what we love. In my case, the next level of success was to keep traveling, becoming a location independent entrepreneur, a minimum of a six figure cash flow, and experiences that fed my soul.


Whatever your goals may be, they start from a place of self-discovery and personal growth. I want to help you establish the building blocks for success. Along the way, you might start to love your life, see inspiration everywhere, and dance like nobody is watching.



Who I work with



I work with passionate individuals that want to invest in new frontiers. I work with people who are hungry for change. People who are tired of wasting their time on meaningless endeavors. People who have a true desire to step into their highest potential.


I work with people who are wondering "What’s next?" They need clarity, focus, and accountability for this next phase of their development.  






GESCHE"Silvia completely changed the trajectory of my life. Because of her, I discovered countless self-sabotaging activities I was unconsciously engaging in. She walked me through practical tools I apply every day now that not only have made me a much happier and better person – but have also allowed me to achieve so much more career-wise in less time. I am a better friend, daughter, sister, girlfriend, entrepreneur, all because of her. Thank you, Silvia!"






Why would you want to work with me?



Achieving anything that is worthwhile, inspiring, and driven by a meaningful desire is HARD! It takes practice, patience, and perseverance. It takes someone to back you up!


Maybe you feel like you have wasted enough time doing this on your own without making significant changes.  

I know because I’ve been there. I’ve struggled and failed A LOT.

I know what it feels like to hit bottom, dead end roads, and disillusionment.


I also know what it feels like to linger at the plateau of success: feeling bored, stagnant, and stuck in this life of quiet desperation.


I also know what it means to have my desires fail me on every level, lose everything, and have to start over.


I’ve had to face financial despair and been fortunate enough to learn new levels of success.


I know what it feels like to go from being completely isolated to building the most incredible relationships.


I understand shame, regret, humiliation, failure, and heartbreak.


I know what it feels like to chase a dream like it’s the last train leaving the station, and then realize it wasn’t the right train!


And I know what it takes to build a business from an idea, all the way over to meeting target ROI without losing your health, sanity and relationships along the way.



(If you are an entrepreneur you’ll know what I’m talking about)





I’m deeply committed to doing this work myself everyday and know how hard it is to actually do it! I’m not only an expert in my field; I’m a product of the personal development space.


I’ve studied the work of the most influential people in this space for the past decade. I’ve deeply studied the works of spiritual teachers, coaches, positive psychologists and inspiring entrepreneurs.


…Marshall Goldsmith, Marie Forleo, Deepak Chopra, Gabby Bernstein, Osho, Brendon Burchard, Kris Carr, Marianne Williamson, Malcolm Gladwell, Yogi Bhajan, Simon Sinek, Wayne Dyer, Anthony Robbins, Michael Beckwith, Sonja Lyubomirsky, Barbara Fredrickson, Brene Brown, Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss, Jeff Walker, Lewis Howes, Derek Halpern…


…only to name a few!


Studying them over the past decade has deeply transformed the quality of my life and my professional development.  


I teach from experience and I teach from knowledge. Life itself has been my greatest teacher of all. I can give you insights – not because I’ve spent the last decade obsessively studying, but I also practice what I preach.


As a result, I trust in my knowledge and ability to learn whatever it takes to move myself to the next level. I have the discipline to create a learning journey for myself.    


And I want to give you the opportunity to take this journey for yourself!



So why should you work with me?



Definitely not because I’ve gathered certifications along the way. I'd hope you want to work with me because you trust that I KNOW WHAT IT TAKES. Because I live it. I am it and I mean it.





Arthur“Silvia is an inspired leader, she pairs business growth with self-improvement principles and an enchanting attitude, driven mindset, and vision of endless possibilities and shows an intuitive passion to break ground on personal and professional frontiers.”







How I got here (professional bio)



I’ve only ever worked for startups, and I’ve had the privilege to learn from very successful serial entrepreneurs. Working in a startup, you become a jack-of-all-trades. I became extremely resourceful and fast on my feet exploring alternatives and options while evaluating long-term goals.


In my early career stages, I specialized in sales and business development. You could say I've been in the "growth" business all along. I worked in media and ad tech, building companies, and transforming sales teams during periods of rapid growth. I played a central role in making the start up venture MediaRadar, Inc., an industry leader in market research technology with over 20 million in revenue as of today.


In 2010, I decided to dive deeper into the personal development space as it had taken over my attention. Yoga and meditation had become a vital part of my life and had fundamentally changed me. I had a true desire to immerse myself in the study of different modalities and metaphysical principles. I decided to do a deep dive to get rid of my worldly responsibilities so I could study with teachers all around the world. It was invigorating and enlightening.


After about a year of this, I started missing the hustle of entrepreneurship. I started consulting on the side, and setting up business development strategies for start-ups across different verticals. I helped drive sales from $1 million annually to $4 million at a financial services company. I spearheaded a new market entrance strategy for an Edtech startup in Asia. I established partnership and licensing agreements within the beauty and fashion verticals. I've been advising many entrepreneurs ever since, but have been sworn to secrecy.


However, I started seeing the missing link between strategy and implementation was always a company’s lack of attention to its people and their needs.


I felt compelled to coach entrepreneurs into building lives they love by creating strategies that make sense for who they are while curating their potential. I want to infuse people's lives with a sense of passion and purpose, and lead with inspiration as a living example. My coaching business took off from there, and one referral lead to the next.


I have the privilege to sit across from greatness every day. I work with extraordinary people. I transform lives, businesses, and with it – aim to change the world.



Personally I feel I have it all


I have a six figure business with complete location freedom. I love what I do – I get to witness greatness in the making, and most importantly: I have time to continuously learn new stuff, experience life to it’s fullest ,and create with love and passion.




Where do I come from?



I was born in Germany and raised across Europe. I am a global citizen, I am a third culture kid, I am a global love child living in a global love tribe. I completed my B.A. in Communications at the University of South Carolina, skipped grad school, and became a student of life instead. I am a hustler by nature and love living on the open road. I established my vantage point by being in motion. I'm a yogi. I'm based in New York but essentially live everywhere and nowhere. I'm a nomad by heart.

(and you can follow me around the world on Instagram if you like).

I never miss a moment; I constantly gather experiences.  I love to expand my horizon, look for a global perspective, and relentlessly share my passion. I have an infectious enthusiasm for life. I have learned everything I know from a balance of experience, missteps, and good judgment.



Want more details? 


You can watch a video here >>>






danielle "If you’re looking for real conversation, growth, and results, working with Silvia can help you achieve all of those things in record time. What’s most exciting about Silvia’s approach is her focus on both reflection and action- shown through her repertoire of amazing long term solutions and daily practices that she will help you integrate into your life, enabling you with a toolkit to quickly become a more balanced and focused version of yourself."