Silvia is an engaging speaker and storyteller. She a unique ability to take her audience on a journey and inspire greatness.  



Transforming Models of leadership

The current model of leadership, especially in fast-growing start-ups, is broken. Companies and individual leaders are struggling with bro culture with ingrained attitudes and outdated ways of operating. This affects everything from morale to the bottom line. While there are all types of leaders:  inspired leaders and those who rule with fear; empathetic leaders; community-driven leaders; results-driven leaders; war-time leaders and peacetime CEOs – It’s the mindful leader that drives the most impactful results. In this talk, I will demystify mindful leadership, advantages of promoting women, revealing a simple, practical process of transforming yourself to effectively lead others.


The Art of Failing forward:  On dealing with Fear and Failure

The path to success is paved with bricks of failure.  Learning how to navigate the emotional landscape of the entrepreneurial journey without letting fear and shame rule the decision-making process is the key stepping stone to achievement.  Every successful person will tell you how mistakes and sometimes even colossal failures are inevitable if we are to continue to push the envelope, learn, grow and innovate. In this talk, I will share my personal experiences, what I learn from failure, how I embraced the shame and dealt with fear. I will discuss the importance of mental health, skills sets one can acquire and insights on mindsets, core values, and key motivation drivers. 


Wellness: The Key to Growth

In this 24/7 world, it’s become almost impossible to avoid burn out, especially for entrepreneurs, leaders and innovators. I know because I’ve been there many times: overwhelmed, exhausted, and disillusioned. Building new ventures and chasing passion turned on me when I lost focus on how well-being is inextricably linked to long-term, sustainable success. In this talk, I will explore how setting healthy boundaries and  self-care leads to inspiration, motivation and heightened productivity.


Not Alone: The Importance of Finding Your Tribe

In this increasingly fluid world, finding a tribe with whom you can truly connect is more important than ever. As more and more people are freed by technology to travel, live and work across borders, there are huge advantages – freedom, exposure to various cultures, fewer preconceived notions – but there are also new habits that must be adopted to maintain connections across time and distance. Studies in behavioral psychology show how we are more likely to succeed if we are in favorable environments supporting our efforts. In this talk, I will share my story as a third culture and how I came to find my place in this world, why this allowed me to thrive


Personal stories

  • Growing up as an outlier – 3rd Culture Kid dilemma
  • PTSD – trauma lives in the body
  • Delusions of grandeur got me anywhere I wanted to go
  • Scoring her first Leadership Job without any qualifications
  • Breaking grounds for start-ups and visionary entrepreneurs
  • Running your life and business on gratitude
  • How to stay motivated when faced with harship and failure
  • On wholehearted living and leading from her True North
  • Becoming a location independent entrepreneur and WHY




What people say

"Silvia is a very dynamic speaker. Her stories are captivating. She openly shares her depth and knowledge of the world. Draws people in with her story, connects with them, to each other and themselves.”


“Hearing Silvia's perspective has had a profound impact on my life in helping me realize and commit to what is most important to me: integrity and consistency in all of my relationships"


"Through Silvia’s stories I realized a problem I’m facing is never more than an opportunity to help me see life in a new way." 



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