Do you long for MAGIC in your life? Ready to become the CEO of your own life? A impact leader that inspires greatness in others? Do you want to break patterns that still hold you back from reaching your full POTENTIAL? Do you feel it's time for you to tackle what you have been avoiding for so long and join the ranks of the thriving elite of game changers in this world?


Then you’ve come to the right place.




All my clients have this in common: They value mindfulness and purpose. They are clear on who they are and what they value, they have focus, take decisive actions, and have coaches bring out the best in them.


I have no idea how you stumbled upon this page, but I do know that you are actively seeking solutions to reach your next level of success that feels authentic to you.


If you feel like you have not really tapped into your potential… If you feel like you are destined for greatness… but are not fully thriving yet….You feel stagnant and stuck… lacking the energy to fully embrace your passion.


Then it's time to take some action.





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DavidFoubar“Silvia is a very smart and efficient in making sure people fast track their professional and personal growth. She helps you grab the essential faster than you could think possible”





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Just like any professional athlete wouldn’t ever consider competing without a professional coach at their side, the same holds true in life and business.


If you are not really serious about elevating your your life to the next level…


If your growth journey and self development is an afterthought where you put in minimum effort and expect a maximum return…


Then stop reading now and don’t bother with this.


On the other hand, if you are looking for ways to grow as a person and in your business to advance yourself in life…


…and if you’re tired of making incremental gains when you need to make quantum leaps

Then you owe it to yourself to continue reading. Because the life you want also wants you.


Who is Silvia?

I am an growth expert at taking high-achievers to the next level of success. I am a growth coach and business mentor focusing on creating extraordinary leaders. I work at the intersection of personal development and business growth. My work combines the art of ambition with whole-hearted living while leveraging wellness as the key to success. 

My approach is simple. I give you my undivided attention and well rounded expertise. My programs are not based on time, they are based on progress to reach goals.

I have successfully worked with people like impact leaders Jesse Israel of the Big Quiet, Gesche Haas of Trailblazers Inc, as well as C-Level Executives from Google, Bridgewater, PWC, Deutsch, Hearst, Tom Shoes. I have worked with companies like The Bond Collective(US), Look at Media (RU)and Sapina Ltd (APAC). In addition to giving dynamic talks, I have taught workshops at Columbia University, WeWork (US & UK), Soho House and has been featured in Forbes, Inc., Brit & Co., AlleyWatch, House Beautiful and numerous other publications worldwide.

All my current clients are by referral only.
I get people to discover their greatness. I have been sitting in front of extraordinary clients since 2011.
As a global citizen, I have lived and worked in more than seven countries, and speak both German and English. I split my time between the US, Europe and Asia. 

Are you hungry for change? Then I want to work with you. If you’re someone whose true desire is to step into your highest potential, you’ve come to the right place.


I didn’t learn how to live life from reading books (though I have read a lot). I learned from getting out there and taking on the world. I’ve literally traveled across the planet and I can bring you a worldly experience you won’t find anywhere else.


Success hasn’t fallen into my lap. I’ve struggled and failed A LOT. My life is real. I know what it feels like to hit bottom, dead end roads, and experience disillusionment.


I know what it feels like to linger at the plateau of success: bored, stagnant, or stuck in a life of quiet desperation.


I know what it means to have my desires fail me on every level, lose everything, and have to start over.


I’ve faced financial despair, but I was fortunate enough to bounce back using a foolproof formula of perseverance through trial and error.


I know what it feels like to go from being completely isolated, to building the most incredible relationships. I understand shame, regret, humiliation, failure, and heartbreak.

Everything I have and everything I do is a direct result of consistently getting back up, taking my chances, and developing a level of joy and gratitude accompanied by mental and emotional fortitude.

So why should you work with me?


Definitively not because I’ve gathered certifications along the way. I'd hope you want to work with me because you trust that I KNOW WHAT IT TAKES. Because I live it. I am it and I mean it.




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"Silvia is an incredible person and has an amazing ability to bring transformation into people’s lives. Her passion and love for life is inspiring and uplifting. Silvia has an uncanny ability to understand people and know what exactly what they need to hear to move their life in the direction that they need it to go. She is a true catalyst for your destiny! I highly recommend her."





I invite you into a new way of thinking about your relationship with the world. I offer a step-by-step system for my clients on their path to health, to wealth, and to happiness, empowering them to create a new fulfilling and rewarding life for themselves.

My life today honors all I value the most. It has flexibility and ease. It provides me with the me with the financial means I need to excel and gives me the location freedom I wanted.


I have 2 options for you. The choice is yours.




“Growth Experience”

My customized intensive.


In order to truly feel successful, you have to be financially stable, emotionally present, spiritually plugged in, mentally and physically fit. For that you have to be willing to:


Get clarity on what it is you truly want

Have a strong WHY & desire for change

Have an unwavering commitment to doing the work




To determine what you need – let's talk about it.

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You will…


  • Become the leader and influencer you always wanted to be

  • Maximize your energy level, focus and clarity

  • Finally be truly healthy and genuinely happy

  • Find a renewed sense of purpose and passion in your life

  • A deepening in your experiences and your relationships

  • Discover my little-known formula to grow your business by 10x in one year

  • Pivot your strategy to get your mind and business unstuck

  • The Six Figure Solution – A solution-based formula to catapult your personal income to the stratosphere

  • Finally make those specific changes you’ve been putting off for years

  • Infuse your life with a new level of joy and retain a positive mindset

  • Discover opportunities along the way you could have never imagined




DANGER: You might love your life, see inspiration everywhere, AND start dancing like nobody's watching.



Jesse“Silvia deeply understands the tools and frameworks to best position young people for success – she shifted my mindset around work, relationships and purpose. Silvia helped me create a framework for one of the most powerful new tools in my life: a positive mindset."




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ELITE Mastermind Strategy Day

Get out of the Rut!



Investment: $1,500

Here’s what you get:


  • Deep Dive Session. We’ll kick off our session by looking at all your hopes, ideas, ambitions,fears, frustrations and disillusionment.  We are going deep and will uncover what’s got you stuck, disillusioned, and apathetic.

  • Meditative Break.  We will take a break to recharge and reflect.  Get a green juice, go for a walk, work out, and meditate. See if anything else comes up. And it usually does!

  • “Into-Action” Plan. We’ll make all of our discoveries into a plan. Every realization get matched with an action plan. We will outline what it will take for you to move from where you are to where you want to go. Leaving you refreshed and recharged!


You’ll walk away with:


  • An immediately actionable and personal GPS System to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

  • Tap into your subconscious desires and refine deep-rooted habits that are preventing you from living up to your fullest potential.

  • A personalized roadmap to get crystal clear on your ideal lifestyle, your desired next success level, and a step-by-step strategy to take you there!



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Hiring a coach to keep you on course and with proven methods that will rapidly accelerate your results. (I know – because I have one too.)


As I mentioned earlier, the most successful business owners, pro athletes, and public figures all have coaches and mentors to help hit their peak performance.

As with anything in life, success with your personal coaching plan requires leadership, hard work, consistency, and dedication.

I’m here to reinforce your vision and make sure you achieve your goals.


"I can’t say enough positive things about my experience with Sylvia.  She is extremely gifted, professional, knowledgeable, effective, and passionate about leading you toward areas of development. I highly recommend her services to everyone and not just those that know that they have areas of development they would like to proactively tackle.  While I would outline my own personal take-always from our conversations, I believe that each session will be completely unique and I highly encourage anyone employing her council to go in with a completely open mind.  I very much look forward to my future sessions."



Are you a good fit for the Growth Experience coaching program?


Growth Experience is for people who are hungry for change. You’re a good fit if you are…


  • Looking for ways to maximize your efforts. You want to make the most out of every waking (and sleeping!) minute.

  • Consumed by a deep desire to step into your highest potential – be a success and have breakthroughs in your career.

  • Ready to shift from incremental gains to quantum leaps in your business.

  • Ready to step into your higher ambition and go to your next level of success.


This is for people who are wondering, “What’s next?” You need clarity, focus, and accountability for this next phase of your development.  


This is probably not what you are looking for if…


  • You’re someone who has already achieved high levels of success.

  • You’re someone who thinks that they know-it-all and have already learned all there is to know.

  • You’re unwilling to be coachable and learn powerful time-tested techniques.

  • You don’t have the willingness to persevere when obstacles come your way.

  • You believe that past performance always equals future success.  


If you’re relentlessly seeking to elevate your game in all facets of life, now is the time to breakthrough your barriers and take the quantum leap in your life and business.



Ready to commit and start this next phase of your life?


Initial Sessions are FREE

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Here’s my personal guarantee to you:


If you are not satisfied with your results in your habits, your health, your thinking, your life, and your work and you’ve done all this work we discussed consistently, I will give you your money back! No questions asked.


Why can I make such a big promise? Because you will see results if you do the work! But you’ve got to bring your A-Game. What you get back is what you put in! If you don’t see significant changes within 9 months, I will give you your money back in full. A LOT can change in a year, but you’ve got to be willing to do the work. Change doesn’t happen overnight.


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